Our Process, Fees & Agreements

At Montague Consulting we know that an organisation’s ability to implement a workforce training and development initiative varies significantly due to strategic timing, internal capacity and capability and knowledge of government funding.

To be responsive Montague Consulting offers a layered approach in its services. The foundation of our approach is to investigate your organisation’s Human Resource Management (HRM) practices with the aim of interweaving a sustainable training and learning framework using government funding where applicable.

Government Funded Staff Training
To understand the interaction between HR activities and Learning activities, why not attend one of our ‘Learning Coffee Breaks’. Our LCB’s are designed to:

  • Unravel the key Human Resource Management functions
  • Show how training and learning drives increased organisational performance across your HRM processes
  • Explain why the actual time spent in training and development is only the tip of the iceberg
  • Outline government priorities in terms of funding for training and learning.

We offer four standard packages:

Level 1 Virtual Professional Support

Targeting: Organisations that have relatively simple operational needs when it comes to Learning and Development (L&D). Suiting typically small to medium sized employers, this level provides:

  • 12 months virtual support (phone, email, newsletters and access to online resources) in matters relating to organisational L&D
  • Scanning for government funding opportunities available to meet your L&D needs

Fee (+GST)$4,800

  • Fee Schedule:
  • 50% on Commencement
  • 50% after 6 months

Level 2 Site Visit & Investigation

Targeting: Organisations that have more complex Learning and Development (L&D) operational needs. Including a site visit and discussion with key personnel, this level provides professional advice that:

  • Aligns an organisation’s multiple roles to an accreditation framework.
  • Supports key personal in the design, implementation and ongoing management of an organisation’s L&D activities
  • Explores the opportunities available to the organisation to attract government funding.

Necessary airfares and accommodation expenses charged at cost.

Discount: Organisations that have purchased a Level 1 Service in the last 12 months will receive a discounted of $1,600.

Fee (+GST)$7,200

  • Fee Schedule:
  • 100% on commencement

Level 3 Fund Sourcing

Targeting: Organisations that are ready to apply for government funding, understanding their operational Learning and Development (L&D) needs. This level includes:

  • An analysis of the organisation and individual employees to determine their eligibility for government funding
  • Preparation of all government funding applications and necessary associated documentation
  • Ongoing support to key personnel throughout the government fund sourcing process.

Necessary airfares and accommodation expenses charged monthly at cost.

Discount: Organisations that have purchased a Level 2 Service in the last 12 months, will receive a discount of $2,400 when government funding sourced is greater than $50,000.

Fee (+ GST)20%

  • Fee Schedule:
  • $7,200 + GST upon signing of a Letter of Agreement
  • Remainder payable upon funding approval

Level 4 Initiative Management

Targeting: Organisation that are delivering their Learning and Development (L&D) Strategy. This level includes:

  • RTO(s) selection, negotiating and contracting & ongoing liaison and co-ordination
  • Student progression and contractual (funding) reporting
  • Quality Assurance including, issue resolution, continual improvement and evaluation
  • Ongoing professional support to key personnel.

Based on a minimum of 25 students

Necessary airfares and accommodation expenses charged monthly at cost.

Discounts available for increased student numbers.

Fee (/student)$620

  • Fee Schedule:
  • $320 / student at commencement
  • $200 / student at midpoint
  • $100 / student upon completion