Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Montague Consulting train?
No, we are not trainers. We focus on what we do best and leaving the training to those that training is their core activity

Q. How are registered training organisations (RTO) selected?
If you already have an RTO we will work with them to get them up to speed with the requirements of the funding. If you don’t have one we will identify potential RTOs that meet your needs and help you select one that best meets your needs.

Q. What government funding is available?
That depends. All government funding has eligibility requirements and they are continually being, introduced, modified or deleted.

Q. Why do governments only fund qualifications and skills sets?
As they are spending tax payer funds, appropriately government wants to ensure that it is getting legitimate and regulated outcomes. The vocational education and education (VET) system is a national system that has numerous inbuilt systems covering compliance and quality. In addition internationally, qualifications are used as a comparative measure.

Q. How do I know what qualification is appropriate to my or role or organisation?
Australia has a national framework for all qualifications, from Certificate I through to a PhD. Within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector qualification are detailed within industry training packages. Montague Consulting will help you understand the qualification framework and qualifications that are appropriate to your industry

Q. What is a skill set?
Skills Sets are defined as single units of competency or combinations of units of competency from a nationally endorsed Training Package, which link to a licence or regulatory requirement, or a defined industry need. Skill sets are traffic ways to broaden skills and knowledge without the need of going through a full qualification. Recently skill sets have been able to attract government funding

Q. Do we have to contribute to the cost of training?
That depends on what funding has been applied for and unfortunately each fund has its own peculiar requirements

Q. Does government fund the cost of backing fill our staff while they are training?
At present no. Government funding for training, learning and development typically focusses on the actual cost of training as quoted by the registered training organisation (RTO).

Q. What happens if something goes wrong – does the government come after us?
Government understands that for both employers and their employees it is impossible to be in full control of the future. Business downturns and staff leaving are always possible. Montague Consulting will help you with managing your government funds and to meet any reporting requirements

Q. Who is responsible for what?
This is worked out upfront. At Montague Consulting we use a project management approach clearly defining milestone and responsibilities.