Our Process, Fees & Agreements

At Montague Consulting we know that it is hard to know what you can afford without knowing first what government funded training is available to you.

To make it simpler, we have broken our fee down into 3 Stages. Our 3 Stage process enables you to stay in control, only proceeding through the stages when you are sufficient information to make an informed decision.

Please remember that we cannot guarantee the funding outcome because:

  • government funding training requirements change all the time and
  • the ultimate decision is made by a government agency – not us

However as we are operating in this changing environment all the time we are best placed to maximise the government funding opportunities on your behalf.

Stage 1


Aim: To do a quick system-check to see if the qualification you are considering attracts either Commonwealth &/or State funding.

What we will do: Based on the information contained within our application form, we will provide you a brief report of what government funded training is available. Should no funding be possible, we will make suggestions as to other qualifications that may align to your stated needs which could attract funding.

Please note:

  • At this stage we cannot guarantee that government funded training is available for you.
  • Only the potential value of government funded training will be provided.
  • No details about the type of funding available will be given (until Stage 2)
  • No details about possible training providers will be given (until Stages 2 and 3)
  • We will provide an estimate of the potential cost of required co-contribution. Most government funded training now requires a form of co-contribution so individuals need to be prepared to pay something for their qualification.

Fee (+GST)$75

  • Fee Schedule:
  • 100% on Commencement

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Stage 2


Aim: For those that have undertaken Stage 1 and who wish to proceed with securing government funding.

What we will do: We will work with you, and your employer if needed, to make government funded training application(s) on your behalf.

This includes:

  • Confirmation of your desired qualification
  • Preparation of all funding application to government agencies seeking funding on your behalf
  • Identification of possible training providers available to you to deliver your qualification.

Please note:

  • At this stage we cannot guarantee that funding will be approved.
  • Where funding is not approved, Montague Consulting will seek other opportunities on your behalf for the following 6 months (as funding arrangements frequently change).
  • Only basic information about possible training providers will be given.

Fee (+GST)$400

  • Fee Schedule:
  • 100% on commencement

Stage 3

Registered Training Organisation – negotiation and engagement

Aim: To engage a registered training organisation (RTO) to deliver your qualification.

What we will do: In this Stage we shall

  • Provide a list of recommended RTOs suitable to undertake your training.
  • Negotiate on your behalf the best value for money RTO fee for your qualification
  • Co-ordinate your RTO enrolment
  • Provide ongoing administrative support via email or telephone for the duration of your training

Please note:

  • The RTO fee for accredited training is GST free
  • RTO will have differing payment schedules, delivery timeframes and learning methodologies.

Fee (+ GST)$150

  • Fee Schedule:
  • 100% on commencement

If you wish to progress please click ‘Begin’ and make the first payment. Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you for additional information.

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If you need more information prior to starting Stage 1 – please complete the contact form letting us know how we can assist you.