Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Montague Consulting be my trainer?
No. Montague Consulting is not a registered training organisation (RTO) nor do we undertake any training.

Q. How will my registered training organisation (RTO) be selected?
Montague Consulting will work with you to identify, select and negotiate the RTO that is best able to deliver the qualification you need in a way that is suitable for you. As we are independent we will always act in your best interests.

Q. What government funding is available to me?
That depends upon a number of criteria including, your age, previous qualifications (if any) and your industry sector. As there is more demand for government funding than there are funds, Government is typically selective in who receives funds. Government favours industry sectors that have demonstrated skill shortages and are economically significant to the economy.

Q. Why do governments only fund qualifications and skill sets?
Governments prefer to fund accredited training as accredited training providers are heavily regulated and monitored. This provides government with confidence it is spending public funds appropriately.

Q. How do I know what qualification is appropriate to me?
This is where we help. Through discussion we will help define what is the most aligned qualification to your current or future needs.

Q. What is a skill set?
Skills sets are nationally accredited specified units of competency which have meaning within a industry. As simple explanation is they are ‘mini-qualifications’.

Q. Do I have to contribute to the cost of training?
Typically government requires some form of co-contribution. How much depends on the funding arrangements.

Q. Does government fund the cost of backing fill me while I’m at training?
No. Government typically fund the cost of the actual program and not the cost of attendance.

Q. What if there are no funds for me?
While we cannot guarantee you will eligible for funding, we will always let you know what you are eligible for.

Q. Is Montague Consulting a Career Advisor?
No. We base our advice on your information and stated needs. We accept no responsibility for the training you seek and in no way guarantee your future employability or salary

Q. Once I start my training, what happens if something goes wrong?
Government knows that even with the best of intentions, your situation can change. While there are implications for withdrawal, Montague Consulting will assist you in who to advise and when if you need to withdraw from your funded program.

Q. Can I get a refund?
No. Once you have engaged us we will start doing the work on your behalf. At no time do we guarantee that you will receive government funding or that you will achieve your qualification outcome(s).