Individual – Professional Development

There is no doubt – the bigger the problem you can solve for someone the more they are willing to pay you. So how do you get the opportunity to solve bigger problems? By getting more skills and knowledge through continuous professional development.

We will help you navigate the vocational education and training system to maximise funding and your outcomes. Based on your unique characteristic, we will:

  • Identify what potential government funding is available to assist you, or your employer
  • Identify what potential qualifications or skill sets are appropriate to your professional development needs
  • Identify potential course providers who could supply your identified qualification or skill set

Professional Development

Montague Consulting will provide advice to you around your current situation (employment status, employment sector etc.) and your desired professional development goals. Our services are designed for those that might be:

  • Competent but not qualified in their daily task
  • Wishing to extend their existing qualifications so as to perform higher or new roles in their current sector
  • Moving from frontline qualification(s) into a leadership or management role
  • Wishing to enter a new field or industry

Career Ladder

Our process is relatively simple. By analysing your personal information including age, population group, prior qualifications, your current employment arrangements and future direction, Montague Consulting will:

  • Identify if government funding is available to you
  • Identify possible qualifications or skill sets that will move you towards your goal
  • Provide you with a simple professional development report stating the above

Career Ladder

If you choose to proceed further with the process, Montague Consulting will commence discussion with you and if appropriate your employer.

We will provide you with the details of government funding available to further your professional development, their eligibility requirements and training providers you may wish to use to gain your qualification or skill set.

Following your direction, Montague Consulting will:

  • Prepare all necessary funding documentation on your behalf ready for submission
  • Negotiate with an appropriate provider for your selected qualification or skill set on your behalf
  • Brief those that may support you in your training and development such as your employer and supervisor

Personal Development

For more information about how to begin, simply click here.Our Process, Fees & Agreements